“You in 20”


To stimulate the engagement of diverse members we match profiles of members by a collection of some 20 words. Your collection of words vs pictures or longer descriptions offers an unbiased interest in you.

Here are some descriptions of OUTNR.org members:

Dutch energizer creative director events network impact making a difference connector celebrating life entrepreneur

dream-big show-courage risk learn adore mastery Seattle Paris South Africa expatriate start-up sales dance travel jet-set B2B ambition mindfulness kindness

speed customers change sales automotive team global culture family data improve loyal win decisions grow relationships modesty B2B executive red market

passion-for-life strategy intuition problem solver maximising analytics digital Dutch friendly giant The Hague China USA mindfulness inner peace kitesurf

Energetic human-centered Dutch business trasformation supply-chain-professional BPM father of 3 huge basketball fan trainer coach facilitator of change love reading watching movies

Brazil Germany global life strategy learn risk intuition digital-lover pragmatic travel positive leadership photograph sky purchasing culture family God

Please add your 20 words to your OUTNR. profile text (“about”).

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