How BOSE stays the boss of sound

Most HINEKEN members own BOSE products, and the noise cancellation head sets have become an essential travel companion. In our hero powered network we wondered “How does BOSE maintain it’s leadership position and continues to develop great products?”. Here are some clues we found; BOSE website; “But maybe the most important principle we live by…

Gucci has a “shadow committee” of millennial advisers

WRITTEN BY MARC BAIN OBSESSION FASHION OCTOBER 25, 2017 Italian luxury house Gucci has had a remarkable turnaround since the start of 2015. That was when Alessandro Michele was unexpectedly named the brand’s creative director, proceeding to change the entire look and feel of Gucci. It’s also when Marco Bizzarri, who was previously the CEO of Bottega Veneta and then…

WEEKSHEET – win every week

WEEKSHEET is the fastest way to achieve your goals. Print the WEEKSHEET, take your favorite pen and write down your key goals. Every day finish the day marking if you made a step forward  (✓)), or not (-). On Friday afternoon, print your next week’s WEEKSHEET, recharge over the weekend and restart on Monday.


Our #hero brand HINEKEN is a tribute to the master of B2C banding, mr Freddy Heineken. Nobody every lived, thought, screamed brand more than Freddy himself. Who owns a brewery, walks upto the marketing department and decides to “tilt”  the letters “e” in HEINEKEN, so the brand smiles more…. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.